Europe adopts BMA vulnerable patient safeguard proposal

by Tim Tonkin

BMA-proposed safeguards aimed at protecting children and vulnerable adult patients, have been adopted across Europe, following a ruling by the UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists)

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Published: Monday 24 May 2021
EU, French and UK flags in the wind

Written guidelines for promoting the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable patients will be included in all future European Training Requirements, following lobbying by the association through the UK 2013-18 delegation to UEMS.

The requirements call for departments in all medical specialties to have safeguarding policies in place, including how reasonable adjustments to care are made in order to accommodate vulnerable patients’ needs.

The guidance, which also sets out the clinical competencies needed by staff when treating children, adolescent and vulnerable adults, will be applied to training programmes across all EU states.


Active member

Speaking about the decision, the head of the UK delegation to UEMS and BMA consultants committee member John Firth, praised the efforts of his colleagues whose hard work made the amendment possible.

He said: ‘The UK remains an active member in several European medical organisations. The BMA proposal was voted for and accepted in the recent UEMS council meeting and is an important step in recognising the competencies required in all medical specialties where they are treating the vulnerable child or adult.

‘I would like to thank my predecessor Andrew Rowland and UK representatives Dame Sue Bailey and Brian Jacobs for their important contributions.’