NHS long term workforce plan

BMA briefing on what it means for doctors.

Location: England
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Thursday 3 August 2023
NHS Structure Article Illustration

NHS England has published the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan. We explain what it proposes, and what this might mean for doctors.

On 30th June 2023 NHS England published the long-awaited NHS Long Term Workforce Plan. It was written by NHS England but commissioned and accepted by the Government.

The plan sets out long term workforce supply and demand projections for the NHS in England up to 2036/37, as well as the actions and reforms that will be taken in the coming years at local, regional and national level across three priority areas: train, retain, and reform.

The plan also signals a ‘new, iterative approach’ to workforce planning. NHS England plan to continue to develop the model behind the staffing estimates in the plan and will publish a refreshed projection every two years.

Our briefing breaks down the plan’s content and what it might mean for the medical profession.


Download the member briefing: