BMA ambassadors programme

We're looking for doctors from a cross-section of the medical community to be actively involved in promoting the BMA's efforts.

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Friday 3 September 2021
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The BMA ambassadors programme provides actual rewards for all new members recruited through word-of-mouth recommendations and positive feedback. Read on to find out more about becoming an ambassador and how the programme works.


What does it involve?

As an ambassador, you will share the importance of being part of a doctors' trade union and how the BMA can make a real difference.

You could:

  • tell friends and colleagues about the benefits of being a BMA member
  • find new opportunities to promote and raise the profile of the BMA, or put on an event at your workplace
  • let us know of any workplace issues that are affecting you or your colleagues - we may be able to arrange meetings to discuss them
  • use social media to share your success stories and tips, promote your event, and stay in touch with those looking to join.


Benefits to joining

As a BMA ambassador you will receive*:

  • 25 per cent off your annual membership**
  • £30 voucher for every new member you recruit
  • a special pin badge to signify your status as an ambassador for the BMA.

* only applicable for final year students and qualified doctors.
** 25 per cent off your following full year membership subscription, once you have recruited six new members.


Apply to be an ambassador

To apply to be an ambassador, simply email us:

  • your name and membership number
  • why you would like to be an ambassador
  • how you heard about the programme.

Once you have signed up, we will send you an ambassadors pack with support material to help your recruitment. You can ask for more materials - such as posters and flyers - to be created to promote your BMA-related events by emailing[email protected].


How we help you

As an ambassador, our regional membership development managers will be your primary point of contact (see below for contact details). They can give you advice and ideas on how to recruit members, as well as provide support and logistics for any events and recruitment drives you initiate. They may also occasionally ask you to join them at activities that are local to you. 


How to claim your rewards

As an ambassador, if you speak to someone who would like to join the BMA:

  • email your membership development manager or [email protected] and let us know their name. We will then see when they have joined and allocate the reward
  • have them fill out the BMA ambassadors application form, with your details pre-populated, so we know to reward you when we receive the form
  • if they apply online, make sure they select the drop-down option for ambassadors and we will contact them to confirm who inspired them to join.

Once the new member has been in membership for three months, you will be sent your corresponding voucher via email. You can claim up to five Amazon vouchers from any one event, but you can attend and organise as many events as possible, as well as recruit among colleagues throughout the year.


Get in touch

If you’ve got a question about the BMA ambassador programme, contact your regional membership development manager, or email [email protected].

Central, West and North West London - Daniel Tyler 
Tel: 020 7874 0759  M: 07867 356251

South, East, North East London and South East - Tim Combley
Tel: 0207 383 6395  M: 07880 375632

East of England - Louise Cox
Tel: 0207 383 6181  M: 07881 359266

South East and South Central - John Hayward
Tel: 020 7383 6703  M: 07771 972523

North West - Kirsty Rhodes
Tel: 0151 601 5911  M: 07917 750971

Yorkshire and The Humber - Anne Johnson
Tel: 020 7383 6885  M: 07867 355520

East Midlands - James Pell
Tel: 020 3058 7418  M: 07917 894678

North East and Cumbria - Claire Mitchell
Tel: 0207 383 6709  M: 07867 462639

South West – Hazel Brittan
Tel: 0117 945 3122 M: 0740 883 4227

West Midlands – Lianne Denton
Tel: 0121 452 7705 M: 07408812458