​Junior doctors conference​

The junior doctors conference hosts junior doctors from across the UK to set the policy direction of the JDC for the year ahead.

Location: UK
Audience: Junior doctors
Updated: Monday 7 September 2020
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2020 conference

This event has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

2019 conference

​​The 2019 junior doctors conference took place at BMA House in London on the 18 May. The conference hosted junior doctors from across the UK and gave the opportunity for strong debate on a variety of issues, alongside creating policy and direction for the JDC for the coming year.


Juniors progress in contract negotiations

JDC chair Jeeves Wijesuriya announced the imminent conclusion to the junior doctor contract review, which holds significant new investments to improve junior doctor training and terms and conditions of service. Dr Wijesuriya also highlighted the significant wins for junior doctors this year, including:

  • £10 million funding for hospitals in England under the agreed fatigue and facilities charter
  • improvements to shared parental leave and bereavement leave
  • improvements to study budgets.


The conversation

We live tweeted the event from our account @BMA_JuniorDocs. Follow the whole conversation using the hashtag #JDConf2019.