Wellbeing tips video for medical students

Dr Michael Dawson, peer support doctor and GP, gives his top tips for looking after yourself as a medical student, including:

  • What we can learn from patients
  • The definition of stress . . . and the antidote
  • 5 points for happier living
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Watch: ways to look after yourself as a medical student

In this video, Dr Michael Dawson discusses characteristics shared by doctors and medical students which are too often associated with high rates of depression, even as they are useful for the profession.

Dr Dawson shares the wisdom of his experience as a peer support doctor and GP, and invites medical students to reflect on both what makes them exceptional and vulnerable to stress.

His tips are simple but effective, and he explains the purpose of the BMA counselling service for those who need additional support.

Balancing becoming a medical student with individual wellbeing. I feel like this is especially important during this time of life where normal activities are disrupted due to Covid-19.

Charlotte W, Nottingham

I found the information on how the BMA can provide support to me not only now, as a medical student, but throughout my whole medical career.

Olivia H, Lancaster