CPI modeller for GP pension scheme

The recent soaring rate of inflation will have significant tax implications for some GP's pensions. Use our CPI modeller to see how it may impact you.

Tax illustration

The impact of CPI on your pension scheme

The recent soaring rate of inflation could have serious tax implications for many GP's pensions due to the way annual allowance is calculated. The annual allowance is designed to measure the growth of your pension above inflation, but this is simply not the case.

Use our CPI modeller to see how it may impact you.


How to use the modeller

Before using this tool, make sure you have a copy of:

  • a recent Total Reward Statement (TRS) / Annual Benefit Statement
  • without a recent statement, you could estimate your pension based on your most recent statement and any further dynamisation and pension contributions.

This tool is suitable for:

  • GPs in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • GPs who have any 1995 pension
  • those who have actively contributed (or will do so) to the NHS pension scheme during the 22/23 or 23/24 years

The modeller is not suitable for:

  • consultants
  • other employed staff who have a 1995 / 2008 final salary pension (instead, visit www.modelyourpension.com)
  • GPs who have a 2008 pension

This tool is best viewed on a desktop or tablet device.


CPI modeller for GPs


What you can do

  • Prepare financially for a large annual allowance tax charge, if the rules are not urgently changed.
  • Unfortunately some will consider reducing pensionable pay or retiring earlier than they would have done to reduce pension input during this period.


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