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NHS must get back on a sustainable footing, says BMA responding to Labour’s plan for NHS

Responding to the launch of the Labour Party’s NHS 'Rescue Plan’1 which promises £26bn in healthcare funding, BMA council chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul said: 

“It is promising to see that Labour has recognised the need for increased and sustained investment in the NHS. Our health service is clearly struggling and as we highlighted in our Manifesto for health2, whoever forms the next Government must put the NHS back on a sustainable footing.  

“With our recent analysis revealing that the NHS is on track for its worst winter yet, we need to see resources delivered to the frontline as Labour has rightly highlighted that trolley waits and poor A&E performance must be addressed.  

“Pressures on services have been heightened by the workforce crisis within the NHS and while commitments to boost the GP training scheme and funding for additional nursing places are most welcome, it is disappointing that there is no mention of pensions reform. We need a future Government that will once and for all scrap the punitive pension taxation which is driving senior doctors out of the NHS.

“We know NHS buildings are in a woeful state of disrepair and we are glad to see a commitment to addressing the maintenance backlog in hospitals and investing more money in GP premises.

“The promise of additional funding for public health is much-needed and will ensure that prevention is placed at the forefront of healthcare as years of cuts have seen health inequalities widen with the most deprived paying the price.”


Notes to editors

The BMA is a trade union representing and negotiating on behalf of all doctors in the UK. A leading voice advocating for outstanding health care and a healthy population. An association providing members with excellent individual services and support throughout their lives.

  1. More information on Labour's plan for the NHS is here.
  2. BMA’s Manifesto for health and winter pressures report can be found here.