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European Junior Doctors conference highlights fundamental flaws of Brexit

BMA SCOTLAND: European Junior Doctors conference highlights fundamental flaws of Brexit


The numerous threats Brexit poses to Scotland’s health and care services will be highlighted by BMA Scotland’s chair of Junior Doctors today.


Dr Lewis Hughes will deliver a speech as a selection of the brightest young doctors from across Europe gather in Edinburgh this weekend for the annual European Junior Doctors Association General Assembly.


Fifty delegates from all across Europe will meet to share and discuss their common challenges and strategize how best to overcome them.


Dr Hughes said:


“I am delighted to have the EJDA General Assembly meet in Edinburgh this year and I am excited to hear from others in the Profession.


“Events like this are a real highlight for doctors and having the EJDA gather in Edinburgh also further demonstrates the fundamental flaws of Brexit. Here we have a wealth of talent coming together in Scotland to share ideas, expertise and experience – yet, post Brexit, we simply don’t know if any of these people will be able to come and live and work in Scotland. These are doctors of exceptional skill who may not be able to care for the people of Scotland in the future if they are prevented from coming here post-Brexit.


“The Association took a bold step in choosing to hold their conference here in Edinburgh – I hope it sends out a clear message that doctors in Europe see beyond borders and beyond nationality. We as individuals and as a nation need, and want, our European doctors to know that they are wanted and welcomed here, and that they will be supported in staying. That is one of the many messages I hope rings clear through this weekend’s conference.


“The BMA has long voiced its concerns about the impact Brexit will have on health and care in the UK and Scotland, which is why we oppose it and continue to support calls for a people’s vote. We have prepared a wealth of evidence to support this view and detail the impact of Brexit on many areas of the health service – from the workforce, to the access to and regulation of medicines.”




BMA Scotland will host the European Junior Doctors Association General Assembly at its Queen Street office on Friday and Saturday (10/11th May). Last year’s conference was held in Zagreb, Croatia.

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