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Response to latest Nuffield Trust report on Northern Irelands health and social care service

Responding to the Nuffield Trust’s report ‘Change or collapse: Lessons from the drive to reform health and social care in Northern Ireland’, [released today 10/07/19], Dr Alan Stout, a member of British Medical Association’s Northern Ireland Council, said: “This reports highlights the scale of the challenge to reform the health and social care service here and the need for engagement with everyone working in and using this service on the reform process - including doctors, patients, healthcare staff and politicians. 
“Northern Ireland has the worst waiting lists in the whole of the UK and we do not have enough doctors in general practice or in our hospitals to deliver the services patients in Northern Ireland need.  The report details that, despite being the only integrated health and social care system in the four nations, we also lag behind in the delivery of social care.  
“As the report points out we have seen numerous reviews of the health service in Northern Ireland, but the current situation will only continue to deteriorate unless the sustained and meaningful transformation as outlined in ‘Health and Wellbeing 2026 - Delivering Together’ is implemented. Although some progress has been made on transformation, the scale of reform needed can only happen with a Minister and legislative assembly in place to sign-off on this reform, and a high level of leadership and engagement right throughout the system.”

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