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BMA Scotland comment on new medical student places

Commenting on the Scottish Government's announcement that it would create an additional 85 medical school places, Chair of BMA Scotland’s Medical Students Committee Lekaashree Rambabu said:

“While the increased use of GP placements for these new medical school places may ultimately help to encourage some graduates to choose general practice, the education that these students receive will still need to provide the broader medical teaching that enables them to pursue careers in any chosen medical specialty.

“Increasing the number of medical students will also only lead to more doctors working in the NHS if there are enough foundation places for them to move into after graduation.

“Foundation training places are determined on a UK-wide basis and as of yet there has been no commitment to increase these places in line with new medical school places being created across the UK.

“Doctors need to complete a foundation year before the GMC allows them to become fully registered and able to practise independently, so it is essential that the number of medical school places aligns with available foundation posts.”

More details of the Scottish Government's announcement can be viewed here.


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