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BMA Scotland response to public health priorities

BMA welcomes public health priorities, but warns they must be supported by “bold, concrete and concerted” actions


Responding to today’s publication of public health priorities for Scotland, Dr Peter Bennie, Chair of BMA Scotland, said:

“There is no doubt that in Scotland we face substantial public health challenges that both reduce the quality of life of people who live here, and place real challenges and pressure on our public services, not least the NHS.

“As a result, setting out the priorities to tackle these issues is a welcome step which should help focus the efforts of all the different agencies that are working in this area.


“However, to deliver on these priorities, it is vital that professionals working across public health and health protection are fully involved and the crucial role they can play is recognised. We look forward to working with the Faculty of Public Health, the Scottish Government and the new public health body to make that happen.


“Equally, priorities are of little use without with bold, concrete and concerted action. Building on innovative policies like Minimum Unit Pricing, the Scottish Government and all involved must not take a backward step in introducing policies that will make a real difference to the health of Scotland’s population. While that is not the purpose of this document, forthcoming strategies on things like obesity, to name just one example, simply must deliver clear action on the priorities areas that have now been set out.”


To view the priorities – see the following link:


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