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BMA Cymru Wales statement on NHS criticism on social media

Following concerns raised by Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething, on NHS criticisms raised on social media deterring young people from entering the medical profession, Dr David Bailey, Chair of BMA’s Welsh Council, said:

“Advancements in technology mean that people can air their views at the touch of a button to a global audience. The public do have very real concerns about the NHS - not just in Wales, but across the UK - and it’s important that concerns raised, via all channels, are listened to and acted upon. 

“That said, we acknowledge the Cabinet Secretary’s concerns. We have a unique health service and whilst there’s no hiding that it’s currently facing enormous pressures in both primary and secondary care, we continue to hear from doctors who, despite these pressures, report that they love their job, and it is this message we want to deliver to the future generation of Welsh doctors.

“In fact, BMA Cymru Wales has recently undertaken a widening access project to encourage young people from varied backgrounds across Wales to consider medicine as a career, with the clear message that all students in Welsh schools who wish to become doctors – and are properly qualified to do so, get a fair chance to try and gain a place at medical school.”



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