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BMA response to plans by PM for no extra NHS funding

Responding to a report that Theresa May has told NHS chief, Simon Stevens, there are no plans for extra NHS funding, Dr Anthea Mowat, BMA representative body chair, said:
“If these reports are true, the prime minister needs to explain how exactly the NHS will keep up with rising demand without the necessary investment. Theresa May talks about injecting £10bn into the NHS, yet in reality the increase in health spending is less than half of that.

“The NHS is already the most efficient health care system in the world. The notion that the funding crisis can be solved with further efficiency savings is a myth, and these are not savings, they are year-on-year cuts that have driven almost every acute trust in England into deficit, led to a crisis in general practice and a community and social care system on the brink of collapse.  

“The NHS needs urgent action to put it on sustainable financial footing, meaning these reports, if correct, underscore a lack of understanding from the prime minister about just how serious the situation is. Failure to invest now will result in a disaster in the future, both financially and in terms of patient health and care.”


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