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Progress towards a sustainable general practice in Scotland announced

GP leaders have today [Thursday 3 November 2016] welcomed an arrangement that will provide continued stability for general practice in Scotland.  

The extension of the existing arrangement was negotiated between the BMA’s Scottish General Practitioners Committee and the Scottish Government, and will help provide workload and financial stability for practices.  It will also allow ongoing negotiations to focus on the major challenges currently facing Scottish general practice.

In addition to the stability arrangement, today’s announcement includes a principles document which reflects the BMA and Scottish Government’s shared priorities for general practice.  

The document highlights some key priority areas including: 

Improved access and better care for people in communities 
Strengthening primary health care teams in and around GP practices
A review of GMS services
Commissioning research on general practice funding, pay and expenses to provide a proper, robust evidence base.

Dr Alan McDevitt, Chairman of the BMA’s Scottish General Practitioners Committee, said:

“This important agreement is the result of ongoing negotiations that began last year.  In April, we agreed the removal of QOF and have negotiated a number of other measures including new maternity and paternity support; a national performers list; occupational health service for all GPs and practice staff and funding for emergency oxygen.

“Our shared vision for the future of Scottish general practice requires a team approach.  It relies on clinical and non-clinical staff working together and to progress this there needs to be discussion that goes beyond the GP contract.  We are mindful that this is an ongoing process, that further contractual changes will be necessary and that it will take time to make general practice in Scotland sustainable for the future.

“Following on from the First Minister’s commitment to invest an additional £500 million a year in primary care by 2021/22, we will continue to negotiate how to modernise the contract, improve access to general practice and improve the attractiveness of general practice as a career to ensure that patients continue to receive the care they need.”

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