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BMA Scotland responds to Scotch Whisky Association decision to appeal ruling on minimum unit pricing

Commenting on the Scotch Whisky Association’s announcement that it intends to appeal the Court of Session ruling on minimum pricing for alcohol, BMA Scotland chair Peter Bennie said:

“The decision from the Scotch Whisky Association to appeal the Court of Session ruling on minimum unit pricing is exceptionally disappointing news which will bring more delay to the implementation of a policy that would save lives.

“Scotland’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol is well documented and carries a tragic human toll with hundreds of people dying each year as a result of alcohol-related issues, to say nothing of the wider impact on families and our public services of alcohol misuse.

“The minimum unit pricing policy, which was passed with the overwhelming support of Parliament, is designed to reduce the levels of harm caused to our society by alcohol.

“We believe that this measure should be implemented without further challenge and that the Scotch Whisky Association is wrong to delay the policy with more legal wrangling which will do nothing to tackle the very real concerns that exist around alcohol harm.”

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