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BMA Cymru Wales responds to plans for new organisation - Health Education Wales (HEW)

Responding to the announcement that a new body to oversee strategic workforce planning, workforce design and education commissioning for NHS Wales will be established, Dr Phil Banfield, BMA Welsh Council Chair, said:

“BMA Cymru Wales welcomes the renewed focus on workforce planning, workforce design and education commissioning. 

“The capacity of the current workforce is failing to keep pace with increasing demand. We have witnessed a growing number of GP practices handing back their keys to health boards as they are unable to recruit, an increase in the use of locum doctors in primary and secondary care, as well as increasing overtime costs being reported by health boards amongst medical staff. Attention clearly needs to be given to recruitment and retention of the medical workforce to alleviate these pressures. 

“We look forward to working with Health Education Wales to ensure that Wales is equipped with the appropriate number of medical staff to deliver high quality care for patients.”


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