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BMA calls for immediate action to resolve unacceptable delays in paying GP Trainees

GP leaders have written to the Director of Clinical Commissioning of NHS England calling for immediate action to resolve “unacceptable” delays in GP trainee salary payments following failures by private company Capita.

The letter highlights feedback from GP practices who have failed to receive the routine information and reimbursement which is required to pay GP Trainees. Capita is responsible for this service having taken over the running of back office GP services in September 2015 after this part of general practice was outsourced.

These concerns came just a week after the BMA released a survey of 281 GP practices that showed widespread failures in Capita’s operations, including chaos in the handling of patient records and delays in medical supplies reaching practices.

Dr Samira Anane, BMA GP trainee committee chair, said:

“It is completely unacceptable that we are still seeing widespread problems across the country with GP practices failing to receive information and reimbursement for GP trainees’ pay. This should be a straightforward process and not the chaotic mess that it has descended into across England. As a valued part of the workforce providing frontline care to patients, GP trainees deserve the respect of having their salaries paid in a timely and efficient manner.”

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA GP committee chair, said:

“The BMA’s GP committee has repeatedly pointed out the failures with Capita’s shambolic running of GP back office functions. Last week a new BMA survey revealed endemic failures with the transfer of medical records and supplies to GP practices amongst other serious concerns. The situation facing GP trainees is not only failing a key part of our workforce, but also placing unacceptable pressure on GP practices who are having to dip into their overstretched budgets to make up the shortfall in funding. This money should be being spent on patient services, not on bailing out Capita’s failures.

“Despite a proposed way forward being agreed at a recent meeting on 9 November, I am deeply disappointed that the Department of Health failed to attend given the seriousness of this situation. NHS England needs to get a grip on Capita’s failings urgently and the Department of Health needs to start taking this crisis seriously.”

A copy of the letter to the Director of Clinical Commissioning can be found here.


Notes to Editors

1.    The BMA’s survey of Capita’s performance can be found here.

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