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GP leaders call on NHS England to halt patient list plans

Responding to reports that NHS England were planning to roll out a pilot nationally in England designed to remove patient's from GP practice lists who had not been in touch with a practice for a certain period of time, Dr Richard Vautrey, BMA GP committee deputy chair, said:

“Patients should not be punished for being well. Every person in the UK has a fundamental right to be registered with a local GP practice at all times and we should not be introducing schemes that could remove this essential access to the NHS. No one knows, no matter how well they are, when they will need their GP. NHS England needs to think again about the potential negative impact on patient access and the additional implications for practices, who could find themselves in situations of conflict between understandably angry patients who blame the practice for removing them from their list, when the fault lies with wider NHSmanagement systems.”


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