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BMA leader responds to Michael Gove pledge of extra funding to NHS

Responding to Michael Gove’s promise at his campaign launch to invest an extra £100m a week by 2020 into the NHS if he becomes prime minister, Dr Mark Porter BMA council chair, said:

“The NHS must not be used as a political football – as we have seen so often. There is a clear public appetite for extra NHS funding, but this shouldn’t be used as a false bribe to attract voters. We must also be clear that even £100m per week would fill less than a quarter of the funding shortfall created by the current government.

“The next prime minister must outline a clear and achievable plan to support the NHS and deliver on any promises made on NHS funding.  In the wake of last week’s vote they must also provide clarity and reassurance for the many thousands of EU citizens working in the health service, without whom the NHS could not survive.”


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