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BMA Scotland comments on the Scottish Government proposals in Scotlands place in Europe

Commenting on the Scottish Government's publication of proposals for Scotland's place in Europe after Brexit, Chair of BMA Scotland Dr Peter Bennie said:
“Six months on from the referendum, there is still a deeply concerning lack of clarity around the future status of the EU nationals working in the NHS that our health service is heavily dependent on. These are our colleagues and our friends and the ongoing uncertainty they face is deeply damaging.
“It is welcome that the Scottish Government’s paper today seeks to protect the right of EU nationals to continue to work in Scotland, but it remains a real source of concern that the Westminster Government still refuses to clarify its intentions towards EU nationals who are already working in our health service.
“The last thing that the NHS in Scotland needs is for the recruitment and retention problems it already faces to be made significantly worse through any loss of medical staff caused by this ongoing uncertainty.
“We also welcome the attention paid to the importance of protecting academic research funding. Medical research plays a key role in Scotland’s economy and it is essential that it is not undermined through lost funding opportunities.”

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