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Gorkana registration

How to register with Gorkana

If you are not already registered with Gorkana and want to receive BMA material, please supply the following details to:

[email protected]

  • your name
  • job title
  • publication
  • email
  • areas and sectors covered (inc 'health' if applicable)
  • your website
  • blog and twitter handle (if applicable)

Please copy us into the email using [email protected] so we can check that you start receiving our press releases.

If you have any questions about this or if you find you are not receiving BMA press releases, please contact the BMA Press Office.



BMJ also issues journal press releases through Gorkana, separately to the BMA.

Make sure you are registered, as described above to receive The BMJ and Journals from BMJ press releases.

Please also copy into the email [email protected] so that we can check that you start receiving BMJ press releases.