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  • NHS crisis needs cross-party solution

    The Government must find more money for health and social care – and a cross-party Parliamentary commission should be set up to solve the ‘great generational challenge’ of NHS funding.

    Date: 28 February 2018

  • England steps closer to opt-out organ donation system

    Efforts to introduce an opt-out organ donation system in England have been boosted, after MPs backed a bill matching BMA policy.

    Date: 27 February 2018

  • Social media commentary undermining the NHS

    'Reactionary criticism' of the NHS from users of social media could undermine the 70-year-old institution, the Welsh health secretary has warned.

    Date: 26 February 2018

  • Well-being concerns behind career breaks

    One in five doctors are taking career breaks for health and well-being reasons, amid evidence of heightened pressure and low morale during training.

    Date: 26 February 2018

  • Greater consistency in training procedures welcome

    Plans to improve how doctors in training are assessed, appraised and receive feedback are a 'welcome development'.

    Date: 23 February 2018

  • Doctors frustrated by lack of communication

    Doctors leaders in Wales have expressed frustration at the failure of health boards to improve medical engagement and fill empty consultant posts.

    Date: 22 February 2018

  • Funds promise for IT migration

    GPs have been promised the resources to cope with a new IT system due to be introduced in Wales.

    Date: 22 February 2018

  • 'Callous' employer threatened wedding

    A junior doctor who had to spend months attempting to have her wedding and honeymoon leave approved has spoken of the ‘callous’ way in which trusts make rota arrangements.

    Date: 21 February 2018

  • Financial incentives not ruled out

    Financial incentives to help boost the recruitment of consultants has not been ruled out by the Welsh Government.

    Date: 21 February 2018

  • BMA awaits verdict on juniors' breaks

    The BMA is supporting a test case for a junior doctor, who acts as a representative for 20 others, which will confirm whether the trust which employed them in their first years as doctors in training breached their contracts of employment when monitoring their ability to take breaks required throughout the working day.

    Date: 19 February 2018

  • Funding for mental health services fails to reach the frontline

    Mental health services for children and young people are still ‘poorly funded’ despite significant Government investment in services, frontline staff believe.

    Date: 19 February 2018

  • A winter's tale

    We asked you to give first-hand accounts of the human toll of working in an NHS experiencing perhaps its worst winter crisis in living memory. More than 160 doctors responded. Peter Blackburn tells their story

    Date: 19 February 2018