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  • Mental health reform rests on resolving staffing issues

    Doctors have welcomed new measures and a funding boost for children and young people’s mental healthcare as a step towards dealing with burgeoning demand.

    Date: 14 December 2017

  • Female academics face huge inequality

    Doctors are considering establishing career ‘incubators’ in universities after huge gender inequality in the medical academic workforce was revealed by new figures.

    Date: 14 December 2017

  • Use of e-cigarettes must be balanced against risks

    E-cigarettes can make a contribution towards the ambition of a tobacco-free society, but the opportunities they present must be balanced against any potential risks associated with their use, according to a new position paper from the BMA guidance.

    Date: 29 November 2017

  • Attempt to open access to patient records raises confidentiality concerns

    Doctors have renewed calls for patients’ confidential health data to be protected as the Government seeks to increase access to confidential data held by public bodies.

    Date: 16 November 2017

  • Call to improve working conditions

    Hospital managers have urged the Government to improve the working conditions of ‘heroic’ NHS staff to reverse an acceleration in resignations.

    Date: 10 November 2017

  • Demand to rectify GP back-office support

    GPs have urged NHS England to address its poor progress in fixing flaws in the back-office support service it contracted out to Capita more than two years ago.

    Date: 02 November 2017

  • Diversion of capital budgets concerns

    The Department of Health has been warned of concerns with the failure to provide clarity on the diversion of capital budgets in the NHS.

    Date: 02 November 2017

  • It’s ‘obvious’ the NHS needs more money, says Tory peer

    The Conservative peer favoured by the Department of Health to head a major NHS body has said it is ‘obvious’ that the NHS needs extra investment and is already running at ‘full stretch’.

    Date: 25 October 2017

  • Doctors back legislation against assault on emergency staff

    Doctors have backed a bill to tackle the rising tide of assaults on emergency workers.

    Date: 24 October 2017

  • Call to act on waiting time decline

    Doctors have called for urgent measures to be put in place to reverse deteriorating performance in emergency departments, cancer and planned operations, as revealed by a new analysis of waiting time figures.

    Date: 24 October 2017

  • Suicides post out-of-area discharge soar

    Doctors have renewed calls for fully funded mental health services after research found more than 200 suicides of patients took place shortly after they left placements away from their home areas.

    Date: 13 October 2017

  • Call for more detail on indemnity scheme

    Doctors have welcomed further government steps towards easing the crisis in GP recruitment and indemnity costs, including £20,000 ‘golden hellos’ to lure trainees into short-staffed areas.

    Date: 12 October 2017