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The Doctor – issue 17, January 2020


Deploying 'big data' safely, mental health services run ragged, the power of sport to boost wellbeing for all, the GP providing care for the homeless, doctors and their dependants forced out of the UK owing visa rule inflexibility and the problem with 'resilience' – all issue covered in the January issue of The Doctor

On the front foot – beating inactivity in the community through the power of sport

Don't talk to me about resilience – the patronising language aimed at busy doctors that has a negative effect

Big data – as the age of artificial intelligence approaches, how best to handle and protect patient data?

Under and out – the doctor forced to move to Australia owing to Home Office inflexibility

A service run ragged – mental health workers under immense strain

Fighting the tide – the rocketing demand on the NHS from homeless patients and the staff trying to break the cycle.


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