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Help support colleagues in need


Doctors who want to support the health service by caring for colleagues in need, are being urged to sign up to the BMA peer support service.

It is looking to recruit two volunteers to provide confidential, emotional support and guidance to doctors and medical students, through its dedicated phone service. Available to all doctors and medical students.

Those taking on the role would be required to attend training meetings held three times a year, with support staff taking on average one new case a month.

While not positioned to provide medical diagnosis or treatment, volunteers working for the peer support service will provide listening and emotional support and, where necessary, direct callers to further sources of assistance.

Those applying to the role must be GMC registered, with or without licence to practise, have a good knowledge of the NHS and have excellent communication skills. 

Applications should be received by 21 October and interviews will be held in London the week commencing 11 November.

Find out more or call (020) 7383 6110

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