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'Beta' BMA website coming soon

From next week you will be able to take a first look at the beta version of the new BMA website we have been working on.

Visitors to the current BMA website will be invited from next Wednesday (13 November) to try out the new beta site and feed back from any page of it. 

The new website has been built to meet the needs of the ordinary member and is informed by the extensive member research we have conducted during the project. 

Our focus has been on building a stripped down, intuitive and searchable site which addresses the common issues that members spoke of during the research, such as difficulty in finding content and not being able to understand the BMA products and services on offer to them.

The beta site will run alongside the current BMA website until the beta version has been developed to the point where it can become the primary destination and replace the current website.

To begin with there will be approximately 500 pages of redesigned content available on the beta site. Content such as junior doctor contracts, the library, learning and development and blogs will be introduced to the beta site in 2020.

Following the beta launch we will be continuously reviewing the feedback we receive and will be using it to further evolve the beta site's content and architecture. 

We’re really looking forward to hearing what you think of the beta site so please do take a look around it and let us know what you think when it launches on 13 November.

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