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Stay on top of your workload with Dr Diary

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Doctors can now keep tabs on their workload with ‘Dr Diary’, a bespoke app created and launched today by the BMA.

Dr Diary allows consultants, staff, associate specialist and specialty doctors and medical academics to input easily their day-to-day activities and compile reports to document workload over time.

Job-planning meetings have become a significant source of tension with one-in-three consultants feeling bullied during them, according to a recent poll by the BMA consultants committee.

The phone app, available for Apple and Android operating systems, allows users to log work activity using a drop-down menu which can be shared with clinical managers as part of job-plan meetings.

Data from the phone can then be used to generate reports online which can be printed for job-planning meetings.

The app can also be used to help doctors work safely, within contracted hours, and for the correct number of hours.

Dr Diary has been trialled across three hospital trusts and has been described as well designed, intuitive and user friendly.

‘It is definitely an easy way to keep track of your work and ensure that your job plan matches your activity,’ one said.

‘It also makes you more aware of, for example, not taking your [supporting professional activities] time and would help with work scheduling at an individual level as well as for job planning.’

More details on the Dr Diary app

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