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Junior doctor contract review survey launches

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Junior doctors are being urged to speak out on their workplace conditions ahead of a review of the terms of the 2016 contract.

The BMA will be launching a survey for juniors in England to inform the association’s position during the review process.

The survey aims to give doctors a chance to highlight their thoughts and concerns around a wide variety of workplace issues relating to the contract, such as exception reporting, leave arrangements and working patterns.

The association has remained in dispute with the Government since the 2016 contract was imposed, and the review process presents an opportunity to secure improvements and pursue contractual revisions.

BMA junior doctors committee chair Jeeves Wijesuriya said that the survey was an opportunity for doctors to make sure their voices were heard in the forthcoming review discussions.

He said: ‘As a committee we have been able to secure a return to collective bargaining via the review of the contract whilst remaining is dispute.

‘Whilst we have made improvements such as addressing fatigue, improving rostering, and enhancements for less-than full time by engaging staff, by engaging with NHS Employers informally we now have the opportunity to address some of the key contractual issues.

‘In order to get the best deal possible, it is vital that we enter this review backed by more robust evidence from as many junior doctors working on the 2016 contract as possible.

‘By providing details of your experiences, we can identify those aspects of the contract that require most urgent redress and therefore make the changes you want to see.’ 

Take the survey – it closes at 5pm on 29 November

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