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Call to diverge on pay

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BENNIE: A chance for the Government to act

The BMA has called on the Scottish Government to show how much they value doctors by taking a different course to the UK Government on pay.

BMA Scottish council chair Peter Bennie said that there was an opportunity for the Scottish Government to reverse the trend of below-inflationary pay restrictions and to tackle real problems of medical recruitment and retention.

He was speaking after the UK Government announced that a real-terms pay cut would continue to be inflicted on most doctors in England.

The Scottish Government has yet to respond to the recommendations from the independent pay review body.

Dr Bennie said: ‘This presents a real opportunity for the Scottish Government to demonstrate how much it values the profession and take a different approach.

‘It is a chance to reverse the trend of below-inflation pay restrictions that have devalued doctors, even as we work above and beyond expectations to keep NHS Scotland going.

‘The Scottish Government must demonstrate that they are truly serious about tackling the problems of recruitment, retention and morale that are having such a damaging effect on our NHS, and the care it provides.

‘Through their impending decision on pay the Scottish Government simply must act to ensure that working as a doctor in Scotland, at all levels of the profession, is a genuinely attractive career choice.’

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