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Demand to recognise winter crisis

St Marys/Hammersmith Hospitals 21-12-16
Hospital doctor in corridor carrying stethoscope SMH2016

Frontline doctors and leading health organisations have called on the Government to acknowledge the unprecedented scale and severity of the winter crisis.

Prime minister Theresa May and health secretary Jeremy Hunt have publicly faced calls to take action in light of the ongoing crisis gripping hospitals and GP surgeries across the country.

A total of 68 emergency medicine consultants and clinical leads from around England wrote to the prime minister earlier this month graphically stating the human cost of the current crisis.

Drawing on their own experiences, they warned of patients being treated in hospital corridors and in some cases, dying prematurely as a result, and of up to 12 hours for a bed following admission.

It says: ‘We feel compelled to speak out in support of our hardworking and dedicated nursing, medical and allied health professional colleagues and for the very serious concerns we have for the safety of our patients.

‘This current level of safety compromise is at times intolerable, despite the best efforts of staff.

‘The facts remain however that the NHS is severely and chronically underfunded. We have insufficient hospital and community beds and staff of all disciplines especially at the front door to cope with our ageing population’s health needs.’

BMA council chair Chaand Nagpaul co-signed a letter with 11 other trade union leaders calling on Mr Hunt to give the NHS the cash it needs immediately.

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