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More than half of GPs suffer from stress, finds BMA survey

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STRESS: The number of stressed GPs has risen sharply

More than half of salaried and locum GPs suffer from stress as a result of their work.

These are the chief findings from a BMA survey of around 2,000 such GPs, which also found that one in 10 have taken time off work because of work-related stress in the last year.

The survey was carried out between 1 March and 6 April this year by the GPC sessional GPs subcommittee, which represents salaried and locum GPs in the UK.

It found that 76 per cent of salaried GPs had noticed a rise in workload. Seven out of 10 locum GPs said they would consider leaving the profession if a cap on locum pay was introduced in general practice.

GPC sessional GPs subcommittee chair Zoe Norris said the survey laid bare a workload crisis that threatened to overwhelm locum and salaried GPs.

‘It cannot be healthy that more than half are suffering from the impact of work-related stress that is clearly being caused by a working environment starved of resources despite rising patient demand,’ she added.

‘Further measures that damage locum pay could result in an exodus of these hard-working professionals that will only make this already difficult situation even more problematic. The urgency of these challenges cannot be understated.’

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