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Medical students stand firm with juniors

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Around 7,000 medical students have pledged their support for junior doctors’ fight for a fair and safe contract.

Thousands have signed an online page saying they back the BMA campaign for a new contract for trainees in England that has ‘quality, safety and fairness at its heart’.

Students have been expressing their support as tens of thousands of junior doctors in England prepare to take industrial action on Tuesday over their contract dispute with the Government.

Around 7,000 students have signed the pledge on the BMA website.

Last year, there were around 6,000 England medical schools graduates who would work under a new contract introduced this year.

BMA medical students committee co-chair Charlie Bell (pictured) said: 'The fact that such a high percentage of medical students have signed this pledge shows the level of solidarity future doctors feel with current junior doctors fighting for a safe and fair contract.


'We are the future'

Dr Bell, who is a fifth year medical student, added: ‘We are the doctors of the future: the trainees, the GPs, the physicians, the surgeons.

'It's time that the employers started to listen to the profession of the future.

‘Our message is clear: we fully support our junior doctor colleagues and want to serve our future patients safely.'

Meanwhile, a survey by The Student Room, an online student community, found more than a third of students who had expressed a desire to study medicine no longer wanted to do so.

Commenting on the findings, BMA junior doctors committee joint deputy chair Aaron Borbora said: ‘These figures reveal a worrying trend and should serve as a serious wake-up call to Government.

‘We need to ensure that the vital contribution junior doctors make is reflected through a fair and safe contract.

'Medicine is a difficult but also incredibly rewarding career. It would be a disaster for the NHS if the next generation of doctors, having seen how junior doctors are  being treated, are deterred from entering the profession.’

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