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Call to mentor would-be doctors

Created: by Tim Tonkin

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Doctors and medical students are being urged to help others looking to enter medicine through an online mentoring scheme.

The SMF (Social Mobility Foundation) is calling for doctors and medical students to provide one-to-one insight and support to those beginning their pathways to medical careers.

A charitable organisation, the foundation seeks to promote greater opportunities and access to students from low-income backgrounds, helping more than 1,000 students each year.

BMA medical students committee lead on widening participation Mita Dhullipala (pictured) said that mentoring had the potential to make a world of difference to aspiring doctors.

She said: ‘Mentoring is one of the best ways medical students can help aspiring applicants to fulfil their dreams and get a place in medical school.

‘The wealth of personal experience, advice and knowledge about the application process is invaluable and really helps students get to grips with what is at times a complicated process.'


'Confidence to achieve'

Ms Dhullipala added: ‘The SMF is fantastic organisation, which is recruiting mentors to help students get into medical school. This is something the BMA strongly supports and endorses.

‘It can make all the difference — it can mean that you give students the confidence and information to go and achieve their ambitions.’

Last year, the BMA launched a project into widening of participation within medicine, with the MSC co-chair and SMF mentor Harrison Carter stating that his committee is dedicated to improving access to the profession.

More than 400 students have already applied to mentor fledgling medical students and the foundation is keen to increase this number further.

Mentors taking part in the scheme would provide guidance and support through one-to-one contact for up to 30 minutes every two weeks.

Students would be able to benefit from their mentors' knowledge and experience on issues ranging from university applications and career direction to general academic and professional advice.

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