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Deemed consent proves a life saver

Organ transplant

Thirty-nine organs have been transplanted in Wales in the last year as a direct result of its deemed consent system of donation, latest figures have revealed.

In December last year, Wales became the first nation in the UK to introduce a soft opt-out organ donation system – a policy backed by BMA Cymru Wales.

People who have lived in Wales for more than 12 months, and who do not opt in to the register or opt out, will be regarded as having consented to organ donation if they die.

During the last year, a total of 160 organs were transplanted, with 39 coming from people whose consent was deemed through the new system.

Welsh health secretary Vaughan Gething AM said: ‘In the last year alone we’ve seen a steady rise in the numbers of people living in Wales whose lives have been saved or improved by an organ transplant. This is good news.

‘The latest figures for deemed consent in Wales are encouraging. We’re moving in the right direction, but I’m keen to see them increase in the future.

‘I am extremely proud that, thanks to this legislation from the Welsh Government, we lead the way as the first nation in the UK to move to a soft opt-out system of consent.

‘I fully expect that the new system we’ve put in place will create a step change in consent for organ donation in Wales.

‘The benefits to those needing a transplant will be literally life changing.’

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