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Good Samaritan doctors come forward after appeal

London ait ambulance in action

Two doctors have stepped forward after a patient’s appeal for the people who helped save his life.

As David Cowpe recovered from a serious motorcycle accident, he was determined to track down everyone who had been involved in his care.

He spoke to the police, to air ambulance medics and to staff at the Royal London Hospital where he was treated, but he was determined to find the two Good Samaritan doctors who had helped him at the scene.

An appeal was placed on London’s Air Ambulance website, and then BMA Communities and days later, the doctors emerged. 

Specialty trainee 4 in anaesthetics Stephen Barrett (pictured below) saw the appeal and has now met Mr Cowpe, who thanked him personally and bought him a pint.


Public display Dr Steph Barrett st4

Dr Barrett recalled the accident in south-west London last September: ‘We just did exactly what we would do if we were at work, although we did not have all the resources and equipment to hand.

‘It was a strange feeling; doing what you would normally do in hospital but in the middle of a street with 60 to 70 people crowded around filming it.’

His colleague Ahmed Soliman, a specialty doctor in anaesthetics, was unaware of Mr Cowpe’s call until the BMA contacted him. He said he too would be delighted to speak with him.

He said: ‘It is unusual to get a thank you [in this way] and it’s a really good and nice thing [for a patient] to do.’

Mr Cowpe, who has been riding his motorcycle for almost 40 years, said: ‘I was very fortunate that Stephen and Ahmed were around [that day] and that the air ambulance was flying. [They] played a major part in my survival.’

Dr Barrett said: 'It was really nice to get that kind of feedback … and to hear that he had done so well [with his recovery].’

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