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The BMA will fight any attempts to impose a contract that is unfair to you

The BMA will fight any attempts to impose a contract that negatively impacts how you work and your family life.

Junior doctors leaders made the pledge as the Department of Health said it was intending to introduce a new contract for trainees in England by August 2016.

The UK Government statement follows last month’s decision by the BMA junior doctors committee not to re-enter negotiations, which stalled in October last year because of a lack of sufficient safeguards for doctors and patient care.

The Scottish Government has confirmed it will not impose a contract on its junior doctors. Announcements are awaited from the Northern Ireland and Wales Governments.

Responding to the England announcement, UK JDC co-chair Andrew Collier said: ‘We remain committed to agreeing to a contract that protects against junior doctors routinely working long hours, delivers a fair system of pay, values the vital role of training and does not disadvantage those in flexible working.

‘We have not received adequate assurance from the Government that they are committed to achieving these goals. We urge the Government not to impose a contract that is unsafe and unfair. We will resist a contract that is bad for patients, bad for junior doctors and bad for the NHS.’


Patients first

In a statement issued this week, a DH spokesperson said: 'We are disappointed that JDC has let down its members and decided against re-entering negotiations, especially in light of the consultants’ agreement to negotiate.

'There is independent support for an updated contract that puts patients first, increases basic pay and rewards those who work across all clinical specialties.

‘NHS Employers will continue work to prepare a new contract for August 2016.’

The BMA remains committed to a contract with:

  • No expansion in hours paid at a standard rate
  • Penalties for employers when juniors routinely work excessive hours
  • Ensuring juniors are paid for all hours worked
  • No exacerbation of the gender pay gap in the NHS or disincentivisation of less than full-time training.

NHS Employers will be running a series of events on the contract this autumn and the BMA is urging junior doctors to ensure their voices are heard by attending the sessions. We will share details of these events when we know more.

The BMA is emailing all junior doctors and medical students with an update on the situation.

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