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Pledge to protect trainee doctors

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The new leader of junior doctors in Scotland has warned it is a critical time for trainees north and south of the border.

Perth specialty trainee 5 in psychiatry Christopher Sheridan took over as BMA Scotland junior doctors committee chair from David Reid on 10 September.

Dr Sheridan, who was previously deputy chair leading on education and training issues, said there were challenges ahead.

‘This is a critical time for junior doctors in Scotland as the fallout from the Westminster Government’s threat to impose a new contract on junior doctors becomes clear,’ he said.

‘While the assurance from the Scottish Government that it will not impose a new contract on junior doctors in Scotland is reassuring, the months ahead promise to be busy ones for SJDC as we work to protect trainees in Scotland and support our colleagues in England with the threat they are facing.’

He added that the NHS was facing particular problems recruiting and retaining consultants and GPs, and filling trainee positions, and that it was more important than ever to ensure that the quality and standards of medical training were maintained.

‘Patients need the reassurance that they are receiving the best possible care from a service delivered by fully trained doctors,’ he said.

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