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No More Games campaign plays to the public

From London’s King’s Cross station, the roadside in Bootle in Merseyside and a garage in Newport in Wales, No More Games campaign billboards have been appearing across the UK.

Mark PorterThe call for all political parties to stop playing games with the NHS has also appeared in the first of a series of colour advertisements in five national daily newspapers this week. 

It has also featured in regional publications, including the Yorkshire Post and Belfast Telegraph.

Speaking on the week the campaign was launched, BMA council chair Mark Porter (pictured) said: ‘The scale of the campaign goes to demonstrate just how concerned doctors are. 

'We aim to ensure that every member of the public sees it and adds their voice to ours.

'We are calling for an end to the game-playing and the start of an open and honest public debate on how we create a long-term, sustainable plan for the NHS.’

No More Games is calling for:

  • No more games with the public’s health. The BMA wants a long-term commitment to address the major public health issues in our society
  • No more games with NHS funding. The BMA wants all political parties to commit to long-term investment to secure the future of the NHS 
  • No more games with who’s providing patient care. The health and wellbeing of patients must always come before making profits from healthcare.

No More Games