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Medical students denied flu jabs

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The BMA is pressing employers to ensure medical students on placements are given flu jabs after reports that some are being denied vaccination.

Medical student leaders have written to NHS England asking it to publicise among employers that flu immunisation should be provided free for students on NHS placements.

NHS trusts are required to cover all occupational health requirements, including vaccinations and screening, for students under their supervision — as they would NHS staff.

However, the BMA medical students committee has learnt that some students have been refused when they have attended clinics to receive vaccination.


Turned away

In a letter to NHS England, MSC co-chairs Charlie Bell and Harrison Carter say: ‘We understand that [students were turned away] either because, given their status, there was uncertainty as to whether they qualify as NHS staff or because they were deemed to be low priority and only offered the immunisation after other staff, by which time they may already have completed their placement.’

The letter to NHS England national director: commissioning operations Dame Barbara Hakin points out that all health and social care workers in direct contact with patients or clients should be immunised.

The MSC co-chairs ask for Dame Barbara’s support to highlight the issue with NHS trusts.



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