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GPs condemn budget penalties

GPs are being financially punished for doing their jobs, the BMA Welsh local medical committees conference in Newport has heard.

Cardiff GP Sarah MorganDoctors condemned the removal of funding for enhanced services owing to ‘GP over-performance’ when a primary care budget was exceeded.

Cardiff GP Sarah Morgan (pictured) said: ‘In reality we, as a community, have seen more people with chronic disease or public health issues.

‘We’ve brought them to the accepted targets or given the appropriate advice or health information to try to stop them smoking, to try to address their obesity issues, and then we are being penalised for it.’

She added: ‘What other profession is told off for doing its job so well? It is time we give a very strong message to the health boards. Yes, you are overspent, but maybe in secondary care. 

'Take that money away from us and how are we going to see these patients?'

The overall lack of resources being ploughed into primary care, despite more services being transferred from secondary care, was a recurring theme throughout the conference.

Gwynedd GP Phil White told doctors: ‘We’ve gone on and on about the unresourced transfer of work. People think “it’s those bloody GPs wanting more money again” but it’s nothing to do with money [for ourselves]. It is about our ability to increase the number of staff that we have.’