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Doctors declare CQC not fit for purpose

Doctors have no confidence in the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and have declared the organisation not fit for purpose.

Citing the recent scandal of poor standards at Winterbourne View care home, Bristol GP Mark Corcoran said the CQC had inspected the care home three times in the preceding three years but had judged it compliant in terms of quality and safety.

He said it took a new member of staff toVoting4 ARM 2013 blow the whistle and make the issue public, after the CQC failed to respond to concerns.

‘It seems the CQC ignores big, serious issues, but pursues well-run care homes with petty rules,’ he said.

He said that although the CQC said it had changed, there was too much finger-pointing and blaming of previous regimes at the organisation – and that it had already had the opportunity to improve. ‘How many chances are they going to get? If it was a doctor, the CQC would be struck off,’ he said.

‘The CQC should shut up, grow up, and get its priorities right.’

Doctors agreed that the CQC should be held to account and public scrutiny following the public inquiry into failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, that a chief inspector of primary care was not necessary and should not be appointed, and that the information governance function of the CQC should be removed.