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BMA to investigate consultants' whistleblowing claims

The BMA will investigate reports of consultants being subjected to disciplinary procedures for speaking out against service change.

Staffordshire consultant community paediatrician Roslyn Negrycz said she had heard anecdotal reports of consultants being disciplined when their only offence was to challenge and resist service change that was being proposed solely for financial reasons.

She added that she had also heard similar anecdotal reports from other areas of the country.

Dr Negrycz suggested that BMA industrial relations officers would be best placed to know ‘whether there was any substance’ to such reports.

Doctors and medical students backed her call for the BMA council to seek a comprehensive report on the issue from IROs and, if there were grounds for concern, to pursue the matter further.

BMA council chairman Hamish Meldrum said: ‘If these reports are true, [such action] is completely reprehensible. If they are true, we should be taking action.’