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Doctors question motivation for GMC induction scheme

Doctors leaders have questioned the motivation and funding behind a GMC induction programme to be piloted later this year.

The free, voluntary initiative will focus on the professional standards, ethics and values expected of licensed and registered doctors in the UK. It could also include information on the NHS and cultural issues concerning different approaches taken around the UK.

The programme is aimed at international medical graduates, overseas doctors from the European Economic Area, and final-year medical students about to start their first jobs.

Need to know basis

BMA council GMC working party chair Brian Keighley said the scheme might well prove useful.

But he added: ‘It does raise questions over why it might be required when such induction is clearly employers’ responsibility in the interests of patient safety and clinical governance.’

BMA council chair Mark Porter also questioned where the money would be coming from. He said: ‘If the induction programme is free to doctors undergoing induction, it is paid for by the rest of the registered doctors through their annual retention fee. Surely there should be government funding for this?’

What to expect

The programme is likely to include:

  • Online self-evaluation
  • Face-to-face ‘events’
  • Online support from the GMC or other recommended organisations.

GMC chief executive Niall Dickson said it would probably be a sophisticated version of the online tool Good Medical Practice in Action, which asks doctors how they would act in different ethical situations.