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Survey checks F1 readiness

Trainers are being asked how prepared their newly-qualified doctors were when began work last month.

Senior doctors have been encouraged to complete a survey for each F1 (foundation doctor 1) they supervise.

Questions cover the F1’s understanding of what is expected of them in their role, their ability to recognise a critically-ill patient and their training in prescribing certain drugs and treatments.

The survey follows a similar questionnaire for F1s. It is being led by Severn Deanery foundation school director Clare van Hamel and supported by the National Association of Clinical Tutors.

This year F1s were paid to shadow their predecessors before starting work, thanks to BMA lobbying.

Welcoming the trainers’ survey, BMA junior doctors committee chair Tom Dolphin said: ‘Around the country there has been some variation, as expected, and we would love to know whether those supervising the new doctors noticed a difference this year in how prepared people were for their first couple of weeks — so if you are a trainer of F1 doctors, please fill in the survey.’