Share your efforts to beat inequality

by Neil Hallows

Doctors are being asked to send in examples of initiatives to reduce health inequalities.

Location: UK
Published: Thursday 13 May 2021
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The BMA is producing a toolkit for clinicians who feel frustrated by the health inequalities they see in their work, and who wish to do something about it.

The BMA would like to hear from those who have seen or participated in schemes to address health inequalities in their area.

The initiative is part of a project by BMA president Sir Harry Burns, who is making inequalities the focus of his one-year term in office.

As well as the toolkit, the BMA also published a paper in March recommending actions UK governments could take to mitigate the effect of the pandemic on health inequalities and the social determinants of health.

It is hoped the toolkit will support clinicians to tackle health inequalities, either through direct action on behalf of their patients, through joint working with other local organisations, or indirectly through lobbying local, regional or national government.

Do more

In a blog for members, Sir Harry writes: ‘I want to be clear this will not be a replacement for BMA campaigning to ensure UK governments are meeting their responsibilities.

'Rather, this will be a resource for interested or frustrated clinicians who want to do something more.’

For the toolkit to be as useful as possible, it needs to capture the widest possible range of experiences from members across many different branches of practice and areas of the UK.

Examples of best practice might include access to technology and remote appointments, the challenges of hidden inequalities in rural areas, and support for issues outside of medicine, such as housing and benefits.

Sir Harry adds: ‘Health inequity is a scourge on our society. Let us do our bit to see that everyone can live a long and healthy life no matter who or where they are.’

Read more in Sir Harry Burns’ blog: What puts a person on a path to poor wellbeing?

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