Making it in medicine: insights into study and work

by Nina Barry

Schools' event provides students who wish to become doctors with first-hand accounts by experienced people in the medical profession

Location: UK
Last reviewed: 11 October 2021
Two women in conversation

As you may know, over the past few years we have held a schools’ event during the BMA annual representative meeting, inviting local school students to meet with members to learn more about studying medicine and the day-to-day life of being a doctor.

This event is part of the BMA’s widening participation work, to ensure that all students who are interested in entering medicine have a fair opportunity to do so.

Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools’ event was held virtually as part of Black History Month. Over one hundred schools registered their interest and many more asked for the recording of the event.

Building on this success, this year the event took place during ARM week on Friday 17 September. The event was advertised to schools throughout the UK with the help of the devolved nations’ BMA offices and was aimed at school students interested in learning more about studying medicine and becoming a doctor. This year, 170+ schools registered their attendance and about 100 attended live.

The event was a live broadcast, starting with a pre-recorded introduction from Latifa Patel, acting BMA representative body chair. Students then heard three brilliant short presentations from Becky Bates, Jingy Alom and Twishaa Sheth.

The speakers came from very different walks of life and had their own unique and inspiring stories to tell. They shed a light on the different possible routes into medicine, and the tips they learnt along the way, helping to bridge the knowledge gap so students are better informed as to what options are available to them.

The presentations were followed by a fruitful panel discussion excellently chaired by Tinaye Mapako to answer pre-submitted questions from the students.

Questions ranged from how to prepare for medical school entry exams, work-life-balance to patient care.

Feedback received so far from the schools has been extremely positive, with teachers sharing that their students were really glad to take part and found the event to be extremely informative and insightful, and the speakers inspiring.

Delivering the event online has meant that we have been able to reach many more students, we hope to increase our reach with every event.

We are very grateful for our speakers and chair for taking the time out to participate in this special event and help to inspire the future generation of medics.

Watch a recording of the event


Nina Barry is BMA CSER and charities manager

If you would like to know more about our widening participation work, please email [email protected]