JMF 2022 is a time of change

by Lucy Williamson

The junior members forum is an exciting opportunity for us to learn, network and take an active role in influencing BMA policy

Location: UK
Last reviewed: 24 February 2022

With only a few days to go until JMF (junior members forum) 2022, I’m getting very excited about meeting you, the delegates of this unique BMA conference. I’m also feeling inspired by the fantastic speakers including Dr Rosena Allin-Khan (ED doctor and MP) who will be sharing her perspective on how to effect change from inside the system.

Listening to the speakers and the resulting discussion that often extends into the workshops that follow have been highlights of past JMFs for me. Also, the opportunity to swap experiences and ideas with doctors from the four UK nations has always meant I’ve left JMF weekends feeling invigorated and connected to other doctors when walking back onto the wards.

This conference will be a different one for me, and not only because of the past couple of years, which has delayed the holding of this face-to-face event at BMA House. My husband and I are very lucky to have finally become parents in the autumn of last year. I’m still on maternity leave from my day job as a newly qualified GP but planning the logistics of how I could attend JMF 2022 with this new parental responsibility has made me reflect on the challenges that doctors who are parents face, such as juggling childcare with demanding rotas... issues that are an entirely new world to me!

Is there an issue that affects you or your colleagues at work that you think the BMA should take a new approach to? JMF is the perfect place to start bringing about change to improve the working lives of doctors. You’ll get support in writing and submitting a motion which will be debated during the conference.

If the motion passes, it could be debated at the BMA’s annual representative meeting and become part of BMA policy. For example, a previous JMF motion became part of the BMA’s policy to campaign for free sanitary products.

Lucy Williamson is JMF deputy chair and a GP