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We can help before you arrive in the UK

We provide expert advice to help you adapt quickly to work in the UK. Not only that, our new service for international doctors means we can help you to plan before you arrive.


For just £99 you get:

  • Access to BMJ Careers
  • Online careers support and advice
  • Use of BMA Library
  • BMA ethics advisers

Unlimited access to the service is £99* per year (pro-rata).

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Access to BMJ Careers

  • Find job listings for doctors and career advice articles on working life in the UK

Online careers support and advice

  • Get access from anywhere in the world to online materials for online clinical and non-clinical e-learning modules, tools and resources.
  • E-module: 'Advice for overseas doctors thinking about working in the UK'
  • BMJ e-Learning including 'communication skills'
  • Advice on how to ensure your CV complies with the UK medical CV conventions
  • Online webinars

Use of BMA Library

  • One of the largest online medical libraries in Europe, including free access to Medline and to 19 million references journal articles in over 40 languages.

BMA ethics advisers

  • Access to BMA's ethics advisers who can help with issues around conduct and communication appropriate to working in the UK.

*Please refer to our online terms and conditions at