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Ordering articles FAQs

Ordering articles


Quality and technical aspects

Interlibrary service

How do I order an article to be emailed to me?

Articles can be ordered from us:

- Following the link ’order articles’ from the library pages.
(BMA members must log in and if you are not a member of the BMA go to the non-members page.)
- via MEDLINE Plus
- by printing out and filling in the BMA copyright declaration form and send it to use by post, fax 020 7383 6804 (please note new number - December 2016) or email [email protected]

I prefer to receive articles by post

We only send articles by post to BMA members. There is a check box on the photocopy request form for you to indicate this. Non-members can only receive PDF files.

How long will it take?

The turnaround of our standard service is same day if received before 3pm (from Monday to Friday) After 3pm the request will be dealt with on the next working day.

Can I keep track of my order or change/cancel my request?

Log on, select ’order articles’, follow the link depending on your type of membership and choose the option ’check on the status of your requests’.

You cannot change your requests yourself once they have been submitted. However, you can ring 020 7383 6625 or 6060 and ask our library staff to change the record for you. Please note, we cannot cancel your request once we have begun processing it, so please ring us as soon as possible.

How much will this service cost?

See our library prices information

Do you offer an urgent action (rush) service to members?

Yes, we offer members a 1 hour service. You can choose the urgent service when using the webform online or specify your type of service on the declaration form if sent by fax or email. Please bear in mind that we can only supply articles if the copyright declaration has been signed in advance.

If I print out the file, what sort of quality can I expect?

To keep file sizes (and therefore the strain on your emailbox) to a minimum we are aiming for something that on printing looks as though we’ve sent you a fax. If you are using an ink-jet printer you may need to print using a higher quality (higher number of dots per inch) option.

Do I need any special software?

To view and print PDF files, you must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed.
Download it from

I didn’t receive any email from you

To comply with our legal obligations we cannot retain the article on our computer system, so it is not possible to simply resend the email, we will need to re-scan the article and try to send it again. Please make sure your email system hasn’t treat the edoc as junk mail.

If our attempts to send you the article by email fail (the email ’bounces back’ to us), we will try straight away to contact you by phone for an alternative address. If that is not possible we’ll print the article out and post it to you. We cannot do both, as that violates copyright law.

What about articles you obtain for me from other libraries (interlibrary service)?

Personal members have access to this service and articles will be sent by post or fax. The British Library offers electronic documents, therefore we can send you articles electronically by email as TIF file (image file), but you will need to make sure your computer can open such files.

What are my copyright obligations?

You agree to comply with the 1988 Copyright Act (and amendments) in placing a request for the article. You can download the copyright declaration form on the top of this page. To comply with this legislation you must apply the following rules:

1. Delete the attached file from your computer as soon as you have either made a satisfactorily printed copy, read it on screen, or forwarded the email to the end-user of the document.

2. If you are forwarding the document in computer-readable form for the end-user to print out, you must explicitly pass on to him or her the obligation to comply in full with (1) above, and not to retain or pass on multiple copies of the document without the explicit permission of the copyright owner.

The BMA will not be liable in any way for the failure of any library or individual to comply with these requirements.

For more detailed information about copyright, go to our simplifying copyright information or visit the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) website.

For more information call us on 020 7383 6625 between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday or email [email protected] any time.