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Medical book awards winners

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BMA Medical Book of the Year 2017

BMA Medical Book of the Year 2017Neinstein’s Adolescent and Young Adult Health Care: A Practical Guide, 6th Edition
by Lawrence S Neinstein, Debra K Katzman, S Todd Callahan, Catherine M Gordon, Alain Joffe and Vaughn I Rickert
Published by Wolters Kluwer, March 2016
(ISBN: 9781451190083 £98)

"...brings together all specialty information in a holistic way to look at the whole person." 

Dr Anthea Mowat
Chair of the BMA representative body

The 6th Edition continues to deliver practical, authoritative guidance on everything from normal development to legal issues, psychosocial care, and special populations. Extensive updates include the addition of young adult healthcare; a new colour design; numerous new chapters; more algorithms, photos, and bulleted text; and fresh perspectives from a new senior editor and two new associate editors.

Chair of BMA representative body, Dr Anthea Mowat, has commented that: ‘it is easy to read, yet has extensive information, interesting illustrations, and brings together all specialty information in a holistic way to look at the whole person.’

  • Special category winners

    The BMA Student Textbook Award

    Winner of the BMA Student Textbook Award 2017Hamilton Bailey's Physical Signs: Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery, 19th Edition
    by John SP Lumley, Anil K D’Cruz, Jamal J Hoballah and Carol EH Scott-Connor
    Published by CRC Press, February 2016 (ISBN: 9781444169188 £49.99)

    This long established textbook aims to train medical students and trainee surgeons to elicit physical signs in the patient and to understand their meaning and significance.

    Its reviewer commented: ‘seem to have written the text with trainees as it answers the questions that need answering when working on the wards.’  She felt that ‘the images are the real strength of this book and are extremely well presented.’


    The BMA Illustrated Book Award

    Winner of the BMA Illustrated Book Award 2017Auerbach's Wilderness Medicine, 2 Volume Set, 7th Edition
    by Paul Auerbach, Tracy Cushing and Stuart Harris.
    Published by Elsevier Inc, October 2016 (ISBN: 9780323359429 $209.99)

    Dr. Paul S. Auerbach, FACEP, FAWM, is the Redlich Family Professor of Surgery in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is a founder and past president of the Wilderness Medical Society and is the author of articles and books on emergency medicine, hazardous marine animals, scuba diving and underwater photography.

    Its reviewer commented that: ‘the logical and well thought-out diagrams and illustrations supplement the detailed information in a very impressive manner.’


    BMA Young Authors Award

    Winner of the BMA Young Authors Award 2017The Unofficial Guide to Radiology: 100 Practice Chest X Rays with Full Colour Annotations and Full X Ray Reports
    by Mohammed Rashid Akhtar MBBS BSc (Hons) FRCR (author), Na'eem Ahmed MBBS BSc (author), Nihad Khan MBBS BSc (author), Mark Rodrigues MBChB (Hons) BSc (Hons) FRCR (editor) and Zeshan Qureshi BM BSc (Hons) MSc MRCPCH (editor)
    Published by Zeshan Qureshi Ltd, January 2017 (ISBN: 9781910399019 £19.99)

    Zeshan Qureshi  is an academic and clinical paediatrician at King’s College Hospital, London, with a special interest in global health and medical education. He is the chief editor of the Unofficial Guide to Medicine series.

    This book contains 100 clinical cases with accompanying high quality chest X-rays, model reports including relevant further investigations and management, and on-image colour annotations. The publisher has used a ‘flipped-publishing model’ where the content was driven by readers not writers. A Facebook group of students and junior doctors was used to give feedback regarding the content and design of the book throughout the production. Readers who email can begin contributing by reviewing textbook material. Based on what they submit, their role can escalate all the way up to editor, as happened with the two of the reviewers on this title.

    Its reviewer commented: ‘This is an excellent resource for medical students, junior doctors and junior radiology trainees. It fills a gap and presents the information in an easy-to-read, accurate and progressively challenging format.’


    BMA Council Chair's Choice (chosen by Dr Chaand Nagpaul)

    BMA Council Chair's Choice 2017The Way We Die Now
    by Seamus O'Mahony
    Published by Head of Zeus, May 2016 (ISBN: 9781784974268 £14.99)

    Dr Seamus O'Mahony is a consultant gastroenterologist at Cork University Hospital. He is associate editor for medical humanities of the Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and is a regular contributor to the Dublin Review of Books.

    This book describes the experience of death and dying in acute hospitals, where most deaths occur. Nearly all of the literature on the subject comes from the palliative care (hospice). Today it is likely that we will die in a busy hospital in the care of strangers. Seamus O’Mahony describes how difficult it is to tell the truth to patients and to their relatives, who may want to believe that the inevitable can be prevented or delayed.

    BMA chair of council, Dr Chaand Nagpaul has said this this is ‘a thought provoking read, written in a captivating style drawn from anecdotes from the author’s wide personal and medical experience and which unlike other books on the subject, directly challenges current societal and medical thinking around death.’


    BMA President's Award (chosen by Professor Sir John Temple)

    BMA President's Award 2017Fragile lives: A Heart Surgeon’s Stories of Life and Death on the Operating Table
    by Professor Stephen Westaby
    Published by HarperCollins, February 2017 (ISBN: 9780008196769 £14.99)

    Stephen Westaby is consultant cardiac surgeon at the Oxford Heart Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital

    Fragile Lives offers an insight into the exhilarating and sometimes tragic world of heart surgery. It focuses on the emotional and human element of the world of heart surgery, concentrating on professor Westaby’s interactions with individual patients.

    BMA president, Sir John Temple has commented: 'Fragile lives illustrates very clearly that even in today’s highly regulated and prescribed medical world, innovation and even experimentation can flourish. Stephen Westaby has been prepared to pioneer even in the face of discouragement and scepticism.  The final outcome has been real benefit for very seriously ill patients and has led to the routine use of his techniques. For this he is to be congratulated. The book is a testament to his courage and determination.’


    BMA Reviewer of the Year

    This award, given to recognise the hard work of our voluntary reviewers, was given to Dr Judith Harvey, a retired GP from London.

    This award is chosen by the judging panel from the reviews of the shortlisted books in all of the categories. Around 400 volunteer judges provided the structured reviews, in many cases in great detail, which provide the clinical credibility for the Awards as a whole. This award recognises their work.

    Our winner this year has been reviewing books for our awards for the last 13 years. This year she reviewed two books one of which, Therapy Pets, was shortlisted in the popular medicine category.

    She started her career as a research scientist. Then, after running the VSO programme in Papua New Guinea and teaching in a comprehensive school in Liverpool, she applied to medical school.

    She has been a partner, a locum and a salaried GP. She is a former LMC chair and GPC member. In 2010 she founded Cuba Medical Link, a registered charity which has enabled around 400 medical students to go to Cuba for their electives.

    Since then she has written extensively about sessional GPs and patient involvement in books and GP journals, is a regular contributor of rapid responses to the BMJ, and for 10 years has contributed a blog for the newsletter of the National Association of Sessional GPs.

  • All category winners


    Anaesthesia (including anaesthesia of specialties) and critical care.

    First prize

    • Returning to Work in Anaesthesia: Back on the Circuit.
      by Emma Plunkett, Emily Johnson and Anna Pierson.
      Cambridge University Press, October 2016. ISBN: 9781107514690. £34.99

    Highly commended

    • A Practical Approach to Obstetric Anaesthesia, 2nd Edition.
      Curtis L Baysinger, Brenda A Bucklin and David R Gambling—Wolters Kluwer, February 2016. ISBN: 9781469882864. £69.00
    • Drugs in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
      Edward Scarth and Susan Smith—Oxford University Press, May 2016. ISBN: 9780198768814. £34.99
    • Fundamentals of Anaesthesia, 4th Edition.
      Ted Lin, Tim Smith, Colin Pinnock and edited in association with Chris Mowatt—Cambridge University Press, December 2016. ISBN: 9781107612389. £84.99
    • Oxford Textbook of Critical Care, 2nd Edition.
      Edited by Andrew Webb, Derek C Angus, Simon Finfer, Luciano Gattinoni and Mervyn Singer—Oxford University Press, May 2016. ISBN: 9780199600830. £295.00

    Basic and clinical sciences

    Anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, physical sciences.

    First prize

    • Human Anatomy, Color Atlas and Textbook, 6th Edition.
      John A Gosling, Philip F Harris, John R Humpherson, Ian Whitmore and Peter T Willan—Elsevier Ltd, April 2016. ISBN: 9780723438274. £49.99

    Highly commended

    • Clinical Chemistry, 8th Edition
      William J Marshall, Marta Lapsley and Andrew Day—Elsevier Ltd, June 2016. ISBN: 9780723438816. £44.99
    • Human Virology, Fifth Edition
      John Oxford, Paul Kellam and Leslie Collier—Oxford University Press, May 2016. ISBN: 9780198714682. £39.99
    • Learning Microbiology through Clinical Consultation
      Berenice C Langdon and Aodhán S Breathnach—Oxford University Press, June 2016. ISBN: 9780198719847. £29.99
    • Medical and Health Genomics
      Dhavendra Kumar and Stylianos Antonarakis—Elsevier/Academic Press, June 2016. ISBN: 9780124201965. £85.00
    • Medical Epigenetics
      Trygve Tollefsbol—Elsevier/Academic Press, July 2016. ISBN: 9780128032398. £ 110.00
    • Weir & Abrahams' Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy, 5th Edition
      Jonathan D Spratt, Lonie R Salkowski, Marios Loukas, Tom Turmezei, Jamie Weir and Peter H Abrahams—Elsevier Ltd, August 2016. ISBN: 9780723438267. £44.99


    Basis of medicine

    Ethics, history of medicine, communication, epidemiology, statistics, writing skills, research practice, dictionaries, directories etc.

    First prize

    • Medical Law: Text, Cases, and Materials, 4th Edition.
      Emily Jackson—Oxford University Press, June 2016. ISBN: 9780198743507. £37.99

    Highly commended

    • Evolution, Explanation, Ethics, and Aesthetics: Towards a Philosophy of Biology
      Francisco J Ayala—Elsevier/Academic Press, July 2016. ISBN: 9780128036938. £ 27.99
    • How to Prepare for Medical School Interviews
      Philip McElnay—Scion Publishing Ltd, April 2016. ISBN: 9781907904837. £17.99
    • Immunity: How Elie Metchnikoff Changed the Course of Modern Medicine
      Luba Vikhanski—Chicago Review Press, April 2016. ISBN: 9781613731109
    • Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics, 10th Edition
      Graeme Laurie, Shawn Harmon and Gerard Porter—Oxford University Press, April 2016. ISBN: 9780198747512. £33.99
    • The Complete Guide to Anatomy for Artists & Illustrators
      Gottfried Bammes—Search Press Ltd, January 2017. ISBN: 9781782213581. £50
    • The Way We Die Now
      Seamus O'Mahony—Head of Zeus, May 2016. ISBN: 9781784974268. £14.99
    • They Called it Shell Shock: Combat Stress in the First World War
      Stefanie Linden—Helion & Company Ltd., January 2017. ISBN: 9781911096351
    • To Comfort Always: A History of Palliative Medicine since the Nineteenth Century
      David Clark—xford University Press, October 2016. ISBN: 9780199674282. £39.99



    Non-surgical aspects of cardiology.

    First prize

    • Moss & Adams’' Heart Disease in Infants, Children, and Adolescents, Including the Fetus and Young Adult, 9th Edition
      Hugh D Allen, Robert E Shaddy, Daniel J Penny, Timothy F. Feltes and Frank Cetta—Wolters Kluwer, November 2016. ISBN: 9781496300249. £260

    Highly commended

    • Clinical Cardiac Pacing, Defibrillation and Resynchronization Therapy, 5th Edition
      Kenneth Ellenbogen, Bruce Wilkoff, G Neal Kay, Chu Pak Lau and Angela Auricchio—Elsevier Inc, May 2016. ISBN: 9780323378048. $299.99
    • Clinical Cardio-oncology
      Joerg Herrmann—Elsevier Inc, November 2016. ISBN: 9780323442275. $179.99
    • Clinical Cardiology: Current Practice Guidelines, Updated Edition
      Demosthenes G Katritsis, Bernard J Gersh and A John Camm—Oxford University Press, September 2016. ISBN: 9780198733324. £95.00
    • The EACVI Textbook of Echocardiography, 2nd Edition
      Patrizio Lancellotti, José Luis Zamorano, Gilbert Habib and Luigi Badano—Oxford University Press, December 2016. ISBN: 9780198726012. £115.00


    Digital and online resources

    Resources on any subject which are in non-print form (eg cd-roms, dvds, websites).

    First prize

    • State of Inequality: Childhood Immunization
      by World Health Organization
      World Health Organization, December 2016. ISBN: 9789241511735. CHF 25

    Highly commended

    • Medmastery - The Clinical Skills Academy
      by Franz Wiesbauer, MD, MPH (Course director), Peter Kühn, MD (ECG Mastery: Yellow, Blue and Black Belt), Rainer Oberbauer, MD, MSc (Acid-Base Essentials), Andrew Houghton, MD (Cardiac MRI Essentials, ECG Mastery: Black Belt, Transesophageal Echocardiography Essentials), Joel Topf, MD (Fluids and Electrolytes Masterclass), Kristian Webb (Pacemaker Essentials, ICD Essentials), Julian Dobranowski, MD, FRCPC (Chest X-Ray Essentials), David O’Brien, MD, FRCP (Coronary Angiography Essentials), Viveta Lobo, MD (Point of Care Ultrasound Essentials)
      Medmastery, November 2016. ISBN: not available. $39 per month for Basic Membership or $468  per year for a Pro Membership.
      This price includes access to all our courses, workshops, and downloads.
    • STATdx, Elsevier Digital Radiology Reference
      by Elsevier
      Elsevier Inc (Amirsys), December 2016. ISBN: not available. $969.00


    Health and social care

    Community care, health promotion, health prevention, management, health services, medico-politics, medico-legal medicine, social medicine.

    First prize

    • First Responder Care Essentials
      Richard Pilbery and Kris Lethbridge—Class Professional Publishing, September 2016. ISBN: 9781859596081. £24.99

    Highly commended

    • Handling the media: communication and presentation skills for healthcare professionals
      John Illman—JIC Books, March 2016. ISBN: 978-0993517808. £14.99
    • Legal Aspects of Mental Capacity: A Practical Guide for Health and Social Care Professionals, 2nd Edition
      Bridgit Dimond—Wiley-Blackwell, April 2016. ISBN: 9781119045342. £49.99
    • Patient Safety: Investigating and Reporting Serious Clinical Incidents
      Russell Kelsey—CRC Press, January 2017. ISBN: 9781498781169. £29.99
    • Shared Decision Making in Health Care: Achieving Evidence-Based Patient Choice, 3rd Edition
      Glyn Elwyn, Adrian Edwards and Rachel Thompson—Oxford University Press, July 2016. ISBN: 9780198723448. £34.99
    • Strengthening Health System Governance: Better Policies, Stronger Performance
      Scott L Greer, Matthias Wismar and Josep Figueras—McGraw-Hill Education, January 2016. ISBN: 9780335261345. £29.99
    • Stress: Concepts, Cognition, Emotion, and Behavior: Handbook of Stress Vol. 1
      George Fink—Elsevier/Academic Press, March 2016. ISBN: 9780128009512. £ 91.00
    • Women and Positive Aging: An International Perspective
      Lisa Hollis-Sawyer and Amanda Dykema-Engblade—Elsevier/Academic Press, March 2016. ISBN: 9780124201361. £ 36.99


    Internal medicine

    Non-surgical aspects of endocrinology, gastroenterology, haematology, dermatology, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, nephrology, urology, ophthalmology General medicine should go in Medicine, Specialist surgical books aspects to go in Surgical specialties.

    First prize

    • Gynecologic Dermatology: Symptoms, Signs and Clinical Management
      Gudula Kirtschig and Susan M Cooper—JP Medical Ltd, May 2016. ISBN: 9781909836013. £90.00

    Highly commended

    • Clinical Dilemmas in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
      Roger Williams and Simon D Taylor-Robinson—Wiley-Blackwell, April 2016. ISBN: 9781118912034. £49.99
    • Dermatology: An Illustrated Colour Text, 6th Edition
      David J Gawkrodger and Michael R Ardern-Jones—Elsevier Ltd, September 2016. ISBN: 9780702068492. £36.99
    • Endoscopic Ultrasonography, 3rd Edition
      Frank G Gress and Thomas J Savides—Wiley-Blackwell, March 2016. ISBN: 9781118781104. £74.99
    • Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring Made Easy
      Sufyan Hussain and Nick Oliver—Elsevier Ltd, February 2016. ISBN: 9780702061240. £24.99
    • Itch – Management in Clinical Practice
      Jacek C Szepietowski and Elke Weisshaar—S. Karger AG, September 2016. ISBN: 9783318058888
    • Lecture Notes Ophthalmology, 12th Edition
      Bruce James, Anthony Bron and Manoj V Parulekar—Wiley-Blackwell, November 2016. ISBN: 9781119095903. £27.99
    • Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Clinical Guide
      Suks Minhas and John Mulhall—Wiley-Blackwell, January 2017. ISBN: 9781118746554. £99.99
    • Oxford Textbook of Clinical and Biochemical Disorders of the Skeleton, 2nd Edition
      Roger Smith and Paul Wordsworth—Oxford University Press, March 2016. ISBN: 9780199607990. £145.00
    • Oxford Textbook of Osteoarthritis and Crystal Arthropathy, 3rd Edition
      Michael A Doherty, Johannes Bijlsma, Nigel Arden, David J Hunter and Nicola Dalbeth—Oxford University Press, October 2016. ISBN: 9780199668847. £125.00
    • Rossi's Principles of Transfusion Medicine, 5th Edition
      Toby L Simon, Jeffrey McCullough, Edward L Snyder, Bjarte G Solheim and Ronald G Strauss—Wiley-Blackwell, April 2016. ISBN: 9781119012993
    • Textbook of Diabetes, 5th Edition
      Richard IG Holt, Clive Cockram, Allan Flyvbjerg and Barry J Goldstein—Wiley-Blackwell, January 2017. ISBN: 9781118912027. £199.99
    • The Renal System at a Glance, 4th Edition
      Christopher O'Callaghan—Wiley-Blackwell, October 2016. ISBN: 9781118393871. £26.99
    • The Retinal Atlas, 2nd Edition
      K Bailey Freund, David Sarraf, William F Mieler and Lawrence Yannuzzi—Elsevier Inc, December 2016. ISBN: 9780323287920. $349.99
    • Yamada's Atlas of Gastroenterology, 5th Edition
      Daniel K Podolsky, Michael Camilleri, J Gregory Fitz, Anthony N Kalloo, Fergus Shanahan and Timothy C Wang—Wiley-Blackwell, February 2016. ISBN: 9781118496435. £184.99



    General medicine, alternative medicine, diagnosis, nutrition, palliative care, rehabilitation, health care of the elderly.

    First prize

    • Ernsting's Aviation and Space Medicine, 5th Edition
      David P Gradwell and David J Rainford—CRC Press, January 2016. ISBN: 9781444179941. £160

    Highly commended

    • Emergency Medicine: Diagnosis and Management, 7th Edition
      Anthony FT Brown, and Mike D Cadogan—CRC Press, February 2016. ISBN: 9781498714273. £31.99
    • Essential Practical Prescribing
      Georgia Woodfield, Benedict Lyle Phillips, Victoria Taylor, Amy Hawkins and Andrew Stanton—Wiley-Blackwell, June 2016. ISBN: 9781118837733. £39.99
    • HIV and Aging
      Mark Brennan-Ing and Rosanna F DeMarco—S. Karger AG, November 2016. ISBN: 9783318059458
    • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties, 10th Edition
      Andrew Baldwin, Nina Hjelde, Charlotte Goumalatsou and Gil Myers—Oxford University Press, July 2016. ISBN: 9780198719021. £29.99
    • Pharmaceutical Analysis: A Textbook for Pharmacy Students and Pharmaceutical Chemists, 4th Edition
      David Watson—Elsevier Ltd, July 2016. ISBN: 9780702069895. £39.99
    • Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, 6th Edition
      Meir Kryger, Thomas Roth and William Dement—Elsevier Inc, February 2016. ISBN: 9780323242882. $239.99
    • Principles of Pharmacology: The Pathophysiologic Basis of Drug Therapy, 4th Edition
      David E Golan, Ehrin J Armstrong and April W Armstrong—Wolters Kluwer, March 2016. ISBN: 9781496320575. £45.00
    • The Syringe Driver: Continuous Subcutaneous Infusions in Palliative Care, 4th Edition
      Andrew Dickman and Jennifer Schneider—Oxford University Press, September 2016. ISBN: 9780198733720. £27.99
    • Training in Medicine
      Edited by Elaine Jolly, Andrew Fry and Afzal Chaudhry—Oxford University Press, July 2016. ISBN: 9780199230457. £59.99



    Non-surgical aspects of neurology.

    First prize

    • Oxford Textbook of Cognitive Neurology and Dementia
      Edited by Masud Husain and Jonathan M Schott—Oxford University Press, June 2016. ISBN: 9780199655946. £125.00

    Highly commended

    • Dementia, Fifth Edition
      David Ames, John T O'Brien and Alistair Burns—CRC Press, December 2016. ISBN: 9781498703109. £159
    • Epilepsy and Intellectual Disabilities, 2nd Edition
      Vee P Prasher and Mike Kerr—Springer, November 2016. ISBN: 9783319391427. £82
    • Fast Facts: Parkinson’s Disease, 4th Edition
      K Ray Chaudhuri and Victor SC Fung—Health Press Limited, May 2016. ISBN: 9781908541932. £15
    • Fundamentals of Brain Network Analysis
      Alex Fornito, Andrew Zalesky and Edward Bullmore—Elsevier/Academic Press, March 2016. ISBN: 9780124079083. £60.99
    • Headache in Children and Adolescents: A Case-Based Approach
      Ishaq Abu-Arafeh and Aynur Özge—Springer, August 2016. ISBN: 9783319286266. £66.99
    • Neurosonology and Neuroimaging of Stroke: A Comprehensive Reference, 2nd Edition
      José M Valdueza, Stephan J Schreiber, Jens-Eric Roehl, Florian Connolly and Randolf Klingebiel—Georg Thieme Verlag KG, December 2016. ISBN: 9783131418722. £186.50
    • Sleep Disorders in Children
      Soňa Nevšímalová and Oliviero Bruni—Springer, October 2016. ISBN: 9783319286389. £97
    • The Behavioral Neurology of Dementia, 2nd Edition
      Edited by Bruce L Miller and Bradley F Boeve—Cambridge University Press, November 2016. ISBN: 9781107077201. £94.99
    • The Evolution of Memory Systems: Ancestors, Anatomy, and Adaptations
      Elisabeth A Murray, Steven P Wise and Kim S Graham—Oxford University Press, November 2016. ISBN: 9780199686438. $54.99
    • Translational Neuroimmunology in Multiple Sclerosis: From Disease Mechanisms to Clinical Applications
      Ruth Arnon and Ariel Miller—Elsevier/Academic Press, August 2016. ISBN: 9780128019146. £86.00


    Obstetrics and gynaecology

    Obstetrics and gynaecology (but books for the general public should go in the Popular medicine category), reproduction medicine, fetal medicine.

    First prize

    • Eureka Obstetrics & Gynaecology
      Hannah Kither, Sarah Kitson, Louise Wan and Emma Crosbie—JP Medical Publishers, September 2016. ISBN: 9781907816987. £22.95

    Highly commended

    • Clinical Management of Pregnancies following ART
      Kanna Jayaprakasan and Lucy Kean—Springer International Publishing, November 2016. ISBN: 9783319428567. $109.00
    • Embryology at a Glance, 2nd Edition
      Samuel Webster and Rhiannon de Wreede—Wiley-Blackwell, May 2016. ISBN: 9781118910801. £26.99
    • Gynecologic and Obstetric Surgery: Challenges and Management Options
      Arri Coomarasamy, Mahmood I Shafi, G Willy Davila and Kiong K Chan—Wiley-Blackwell, March 2016. ISBN: 9780470657614. £130



    All aspects of oncology and haematological oncology.

    First prize

    • Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology
      Ellen R Copson, Peter Hall, Ruth E Board, Gordon Cook and Peter Selby—EBN Health, November 2016. ISBN: 9781846921117. £39.95

    Highly commended

    • Fast Facts: Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
      Mary O’Brien and Benjamin Besse—Health Press Limited, September 2016. ISBN: 9781910797198. £15
    • Oncology Informatics: Using Health Information Technology to Improve Processes and Outcomes in Cancer
      Bradford W Hesse, David K Ahern and Ellen Beckjord—Elsevier/Academic Press, March 2016. ISBN: 9780128021156. £95.00
    • Pediatric Radiation Oncology, 6th Edition
      Louis S Constine, Nancy J Tarbell and Edward C Halperin—Wolters Kluwer, August 2016. ISBN: 9781496342867. £148



    Paediatrics and adolescent medicine.

    First prize

    • Neinstein’'s Adolescent and Young Adult Health Care: A Practical Guide, 6th Edition
      Lawrence S Neinstein, Debra K Katzman, S Todd Callahan, Catherine M Gordon, Alain Joffe and Vaughn I Rickert—Wolters Kluwer, March 2016. ISBN: 9781451190083. £98

    Highly commended

    • Clinical Pediatric Nephrology, 3rd Edition
      Kanwal Kher, H William Schnaper and Larry A Greenbaum—CRC Press, December 2016. ISBN: 9781482214628. £191
    • Learning from Paediatric Patient Journeys: What Children and Their Families Can Tell Us
      Chloe Macaulay, Polly Powell and Caroline Fertleman—CRC Press, July 2016. ISBN: 9781785231247. £25.99
    • Pediatric Evidence: The Practice-Changing Studies
      Edited by Lindsay P Carter, Vandana L Madhaven and Meredith GA Eicken; Series edited by Emily L Aaronson, Erik L Antonsen and Arjun K Venkatesh—Wolters Kluwer, March 2016. ISBN: 9781496333315. £27
    • SickKids Handbook of Pediatric Thrombosis and Hemostasis, 2nd Edition
      Victor S Blanchette, Leonardo A Brandão, Vicky R Breakey and Shoshanna Revel-Vilk—S. Karger AG, December 2016. ISBN: 9783318030266



    Pathology and histopathology.

    First prize

    • Modern Soft Tissue Pathology: Tumors and Non-Neoplastic Conditions, 2nd Edition
      Markku Miettinen—Cambridge University Press, November 2016. ISBN: 9781107567276. £200.00

    Highly commended

    • Atlas of Adult Autopsy: A Guide to Modern Practice
      S Kim Suvarna—Springer, May 2016. ISBN: 9783319270203. £180
    • Diagnostic Lymph Node Pathology, 3rd Edition
      Margaret Ashton-Key, Penny Wright and Dennis Wright—CRC Press, August 2016. ISBN: 9781498732697. £99
    • Hematopathology, 2nd Edition
      Elaine S Jaffe, Daniel A Arber, Elias Campo, Nancy Lee Harris and Leticia Quintanilla-Martinez—Elsevier Inc, August 2016. ISBN: 9780323296137. $289.99


    Popular medicine

    Clinical books aimed at the general public. Non-clinical books aimed at the general public go in Basis of medicine.

    First prize

    • In the Bonesetter's Waiting Room: Travels Through Indian Medicine
      Aarathi Prasad—Profile Books, May 2016. ISBN: 9781781254868. £14.99

    Highly commended

    • Defeating Teenage Depression: Getting There Together
      Roslyn Law—Robinson, an imprint of Little, Brown , July 2016. ISBN: 9781472120250. £9.99
    • Fragile lives: A Heart Surgeon’s Stories of Life and Death on the Operating Table
      Professor Stephen Westaby—HarperCollins, February 2017. ISBN: 9780008196769. £14.99
    • Snowball in a Blizzard: The Tricky Problem of Uncertainty in Medicine
      Steven Hatch—Atlantic Books, June 2016. ISBN: 9781782399872. £14.99
    • The Drug Conversation: How to Talk to your Child about Drugs
      Dr Owen Bowden-Jones—RCPsych Publications, May 2016. ISBN: 9781909726574. £12.99
    • The Life Project: The Extraordinary Story of Our Ordinary Lives
      Helen Pearson—Allen Lane, January 2017. ISBN: 9780141976617. £9.99
    • The Pregnancy Encyclopedia: All Your Questions Answered. First Edition
      Dr Chandrima Biswas, Judy Barratt, Claire Cross and Susannah Steel—DK, February 2016. ISBN: 9780241216552. £25
    • Therapy Pets: A Guide
      Jill Eckersley—Sheldon Press, August 2016. ISBN: 9781847094094. £7.99


    Primary healthcare

    General practice, occupational health.

    First prize

    • The CSA Exam: Maximizing Your Success
      Rachel Roberts, David Russell, Simon Ormerod and Anjum Iqbal—Wiley-Blackwell, March 2016. ISBN: 9781119079194. £26.99

    Highly commended

    • Family Medicine: The Classic Papers
      Michael Kidd, Iona Heath and Amanda Howe—CRC Press, August 2016. ISBN: 9781846199943. £49.99
    • The Appointment: What Your Doctor Really Thinks During Your Ten-Minute Consultation
      Graham Easton—Robinson, an imprint of Little, Brown, September 2016. ISBN: 9781472136329. £13.99
    • The Inner Physician: Why and How to Practise ‘Big Picture Medicine’
      Roger Neighbour OBE—Royal College of General Practitioners, February 2016. ISBN: 9780850844115. £29.99



    Psychiatry, forensic medicine, substance misuse, mental health, counselling, psychology.

    First prize

    • Psychiatric Interviewing: The Art of Understanding: A Practical Guide for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses, and Other Mental Health Professionals, 3rd Edition
      Shawn Christopher Shea—Elsevier Inc, October 2016. ISBN: 9781437716986. $89.99

    Highly commended

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    Public health

    Public health, communicable diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

    First prize

    • Public Health and Epidemiology at a Glance, 2nd Edition
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    Highly commended

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    • Slum Health: From the Cell to the Street
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    All aspects of radiology.

    First prize

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    Highly commended

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    General surgery, trauma and orthopaedics, plastic surgery, Accident and Emergency, medicine (surgery of specialties should go with the Surgical Specialties category).

    First prize

    • Flaps and Reconstructive Surgery, 2nd Edition
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    Highly commended

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    Surgical specialties

    Specialist surgical aspects of the replaced internal medicine categories.

    First prize

    • Eyelid & Periorbital Surgery, 2nd Edition
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    Highly commended

    • Green's Operative Hand Surgery, 2 Volume Set, 7th Edition
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